Курс по неонатална ехография

I am an Italian paediatrician and I work in the Department of
Neonatology,Careggi Hospital,Florence. I am a member of ESR and SIUMB.

I send you the programme of the fifth edition of the International
Course of neonatal ultrasonography"2018 First Steps in Neonatal Brain
Ultrasound:an, amazing,adventurous journey!". which I organized in
Florence.It will be held on 19 March 2018.
It's a Course for beginners and it'open to paediatric
radiologis,neonatologists and paediatricians.It's endorsed by EFSUMB.
UEMS and CME credits are included.
It's connected to the other Course "2018 Neonatal Ultrasound Course.
Why, how and when an ultrasound image ?"

Might you  publish the programme in the "events" of  the website of your
Society? Thank you very much.

Best Regards
Antonio La Torre
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